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Care and Support for People Living with HIV& AIDS

The goal of ASWHAN’s care and support interventions is to promote the survival and improve the quality of life of WLHIV, people affected by HIV/AIDS (PABA) as well as OVCs in line with national standards. Its key interventions include:
  • formation and coordination of support groups;
  • development of standard of operations for Support Group activities (SG Operational Manual);
  • institutional and technical capacity for WLHIV support groups;
  • policy advocacy on protection of human rights of WLHIV and their children at national and state levels, economic strengthening for women living with HIV/AIDS.
The realization of these interventions by ASWHAN was made possible through collaborations, partnerships, funding and technical supports from UN agencies, United State Agency for International Development (USAID), Comic Relief UK, NACA, Department for International Development (DFID), etc. So far ASWHAN has formed and supported 53 support groups; provided comprehensive care and support to 12,500 OVC across eight states of Nigeria; 3,800 households received economic strengthening support and were able to establish and effectively managed their small scale businesses through Savings & Loans Association and business management trainings; 108 women and 45 PABA raised as ambassadors for reduction of HIV-related stigma and discrimination.
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