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Leadership Report on Enhancing the Institution and Technical Capacity Building For Women & Girls

Association of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (ASWHAN) is pleased to present the Leadership report for the “Enhancing the Institution and technical capacity building for women and girls living with HIV towards more inclusive and sustainable HIV response in Nigeria (EITC) Project”-Phase II, implemented on the 8th and 9th June, 2022 by ASWHAN with funding and technical support provided by UN Women and UNAIDS.

The funding supported ASWHAN to hold a 2day leadership training & Annual general meeting for 60 women and leaders from across 36 states and FCT with the objective to reposition ASWHAN as an effective and efficient organization and improve her visibility among donors/partners. The goal of the training was to build the capacities of women and staff on leadership skill to improve the performance in leading the affairs of the organization, hold a credible election for new officer and to ratify/adopt the constitution in order to achieve the set out objective of the EITC.

Human resource and organizational development are a priority for Association of Women Living with HIV and AIDs. Hence the leadership capacity building was intended to change the way in which the women lead and develop a more effective way to get result through the activities of women at various level of programme implementation across the 36 states and FCT. The capacity building will ensure proper coordination within the association and will bridge the gap of no trust amongst members and the leadership of the association. Through the capacity building the leaders will position the Association to better respond to the needs of the women and resource mobilization while staff quality adding the affair sand esteem will be boosted.

The developed Association’s Strategic plan will be shared to the old and new members/leaders of the association with a comprehensive induction on the content and context of strategic plan and programme focus of the association as well as the systems and procedures in the association.

The Annual General meeting (AGM) of the organisation holds every 3 years to review the accounts of the leadership experiences, challenges and successes amongst others. Due to lack of Grants to hold election every 3yrs, the outgoing leadership lasted for 5yrs (2018-2023). The delegate conference creates an opportunity for the Association to strengthen partnership and commitment in the fight against HIV and review/adopt constitution based on gaps identified in leading the Association. It also provides a platform for the stakeholders to share in the account of ASWHAN experiences in the last 6years.


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  • Ebeh Stella obianujuJune 27, 2023

    × The forward for enhanced leadership and capacity building for women
    We should use appreciative inquiry
    ×× seek for more collaboration with many partners individuals and some philanthropist
    × building a synergy among ourselves by building or army first
    × different Aswhan as a net on its own Not a dependent body
    ×building a strong strong sustainability system
    × Understanding our core values and the main objective of establishing the network
    Channelling our target to other projects not only HIV
    Finally Promoting peace and unit among the entire family of the network.


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